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Candidate FAQs

Your Executive Search & Recruitment questions answered

Browse through some of the most commonly asked questions from candidates

Well, it depends on the role you are seeking and your expectations. If you're an executive, or seeking your first executive appointment, then we would argue strongly that it matters a great deal – not all recruiters work in the same way or possess the same vision and values.

Some recruiters operate purely on a process of sending a large number of resumes to a potential employer (who's not necessarily a client of theirs) in the hope that a particular resume strikes a chord and results in an interview – good luck! At Carrington King we discourage this as it usually results in what we call employer “fatigue”; that is, they tire of the constant bombardment of unqualified resumes from recruiters.

We meet with candidates (ideally face-to-face) as a means of properly qualifying their suitability for a specific role, or perhaps whether they should be floated to a specific client/employer. This crucial step maintains the integrity of the “brand” for both candidate and Carrington King with prospective employers.

At Carrington King we understand the frustration caused when recruiters fail to keep candidates in-the-loop during the recruitment process. We also acknowledge that it can be particularly disconcerting when you are between jobs and recruiters are not returning your calls, replying to emails, or keeping in touch regularly.

When it comes to recruiting for specific roles, Carrington King is committed to communicating with candidates in a completely transparent manner on a frequent basis; you can take this as a given. Sometimes the large number of candidates on a day-to-day basis can inhibit our ability to be in touch with candidates as often as we’d like; however, we do our best to touch base with how things are going and you can be assured we will contact you when we believe your perfect role has materialised.

With our ethos of transparency, we will be honest and respect those who aren't suitable for our client's position or marketplace – we won't waste your time with false promises.

We have a strong belief that the relationship between recruiter and candidate is a long-term journey, one in which both parties need to invest. We encourage candidates to stay in touch with us, thus sharing the responsibility for staying “top of mind” with our consultants. Our promise, in this regard, is that we’ll be responsive.

We also understand that candidates become clients!

Make sure your details on our system are current, as some clients will ask us to undertake a database search for a particular role rather than advertising. Also, stay in regular contact with us to ensure that you are top of mind when opportunities arise.

Everybody needs career advice at some point. Our consultants are good listeners and have a wealth of experience when it comes to helping you define and progress your career.

The Carrington King team is independent and long-term thinkers. We are always prepared to invest time in good people, regardless of whether there is a short-term placement gain involved.

We understand that goodwill, advice, and genuine care is what builds long-term relationships. This is at the core of our vision and ultimate success.

An essential component of the job seeking and application process, resumes are personal documents with a primary purpose of securing the subject an interview.

Carrington King's consultants draw on their years of recruiting experience to advise candidates on layout, content, effectiveness and relevance. Download our template to assist you in refin your resume.

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If you're a candidate, feel free to download our resume template

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