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The CK Story

Australian-based firm servicing your Asia-Pacific Executive Recruitment needs

Founded in 2010, Carrington King was born from a passion of former business executives, Rupert Saint and Graeme Neville, to provide a tangible point-of-difference within the executive search and recruitment industry.

Rupert and Graeme’s decades of personal experience as senior executives, managers and business owners, means we're able to combine recruitment smarts and business acumen.

Relationships are at the heart of Carrington King's success. Our promise is that more important than quick, expedient answers is a philosophy that we partner you for the long-term. We are constantly on the look-out for the perfect candidate (employers) or position (candidates).

Carrington King is not afraid to challenge convention to ensure we achieve optimum and sustainable results.

Further, it's our understanding that open and clear communication is key to embracing and succeeding in our relationships. We know managing expectations is crucial to successful recruitment. This means we listen to your needs, ask questions (sometimes the difficult and confronting ones) and keep you abreast of developments at all times.

Meet CK's Executive Team, Rupert & Graeme

Meet our Executive Team