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Client FAQs

Your Executive Search & Recruitment questions answered

Browse through some of our most commonly asked questions from Employers.

In some cases, we believe it’s entirely appropriate to recruit in-house, particularly when it comes to recruiting for high-volume roles. However, there are numerous occasions where the recruitment process would be better served through the retention of an independent executive recruitment and search consultant.

That’s because we have an arm’s length perspective, resources and expertise that will save you time and potentially money. In some circumstances, the need for discretion is the driver; for example, the need to recruit a replacement without the incumbent's knowledge.

First, you are assured of a totally independent perspective.

Sometimes hard-to-recruit assignments require a thorough search process and the resourcefulness of an executive search firm’s specialists. The time involved often makes it simply impractical for you to do in-house.

Also, through a combination of expertise and trust, a candidate will often confide details with an external recruiter they may not reveal directly to you.

Overall, we are better equipped, incentivised, and focused to orchestrate a successful long-term staffing outcome.

Often the skill, determination, business smarts and plain hard work required to deliver a timely, sustainable hiring outcome is underestimated.

Many business managers see the recruiter’s role as simply advertising a position, receiving CVs and shortlisting applicants for interview to then make a choice.

Having been senior executives ourselves, we know and appreciate how much time getting it right takes. It side-tracks you away from your day-to-day role, costs your business money regardless, and produces stress around getting it wrong in terms of lost time and opportunity cost (for example, lost sales).

There is often a great deal of uncertainty in recruiting for your business due to the pressure to employ the right person. When Carrington King is retained, you can rely on us to take on your concerns and accountability.

We will provide the necessary focus, that only a resolute recruiter can provide, to obtain the optimum result for you.

Sometimes it can be exceedingly difficult to ensure objectivity when recruiting in-house, particularly if internal applicants or referrals are competing with external candidates.

Communication with unsuccessful internal applicants can also be tricky, and often leads to disappointment and negative experience with your brand.

These risks can be mitigated or even avoided altogether using an executive recruiter.

You have a business to run on a day-to-day basis. Part of our role at Carrington King is to keep a watching brief for great people who will help drive your business into the future. We achieve this through continuous contact with our established relationships as well as high-level networking. Our experience means we are likely to interview a wider pool of candidates, and often place people our clients wouldn’t have considered meeting.

Through a combination of our business/recruitment experience and constant activity in the recruitment market, we advise, provide you with reality checks, adjust your expectations, and ensure your key recruitment process is set for success from the outset.

We understand the importance of getting it right because we have been in your position as senior executives.

We do not subscribe to short-term, tactical fixes. Finding the right candidate for a business and finding the right business and position for a candidate takes time and effort – anything of quality does!

We go the extra yard and not just for you, but to also safeguard our reputation. We leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of a successful hire.

Tough love and honesty! We may challenge convention, as well as your ideas.

Our objective is to understand where your business is currently, where you’d like to take it, and what you need to realise your ambitions. We understand that our success is aligned with your success.

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