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Carrington King testimonials
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After returning from Singapore, I was dealing with many recruiters who were trying to fit me into a box (for their listed positions).

A friend introduced me to Rupert. He was the only recruiter who took the time to listen to my experience. He understood the full value of what I could offer an employer. He was frank with me and told me that he didn’t have a listed position for me at the time, and it might take a while to find one for me.

In saying that, he managed to match me straight away with my current employer, as he saw an opportunity for my employer to grow by leveraging my experience and knew we would be a great culture fit.

I recommend Rupert as he is a true professional who is really good at what he does.

Formerly Customer Development Manager, Benestar
Saktti Mane Breen
Carrington King testimonials
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I have worked with Rupert as both a candidate and a client. A genuine person that treats people with respect, he actually cares about his job, which can’t be said for all recruiters. He gets joy from delivering a win-win outcome for both client and candidate.

As a client, I trust that he will deliver quality candidates. He has always given me best-of-breed candidates; shortlists of great, highly skilled people which meant I could employ based on the best cultural fit.

GM Operations, Queensland Sugar Ltd
Damian Ziebarth
Carrington King testimonials
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Rupert has the ability to listen well, ask the right questions and identify the solutions you’re after in your recruitment needs. He looks at recruitment from both the client’s and the candidate’s perspective.

Unlike most recruiters who just advertise and get responses from people unhappy in their position, Rupert excels is in his ability to tap into exceptional candidates through his executive search.

I recommend Rupert, he delivers results.

Adjunct Senior Fellow, Monash University
David McCloskey
Carrington King testimonials
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Club Assist had a need to refresh the senior executive team. We needed complete confidentiality, high quality and breadth of candidates and assistance with the framing of various roles.

Carrington King were able to use their experience to scope out the requirements of roles efficiently and research lists to generate quality candidates quickly.

Rupert worked hard to interview and manage candidate expectations and was always efficient in following up. His candidate summaries reduced the effort in getting to know short listed candidates.

Rupert exceeded my expectations and the results he achieved were excellent. I have already recommended Rupert to other firms seeking senior executive talent.

Chairman of Board, Club Assist
Peter MacCuspie